Monday, September 8, 2008


It was either Tuesday or Wednesday of last week that my computer got the SCARIEST Trojan worm virus! It was THE BAD one! The one that literally will FRY your computer and leave you with an expensive paperweight kinda one! I couldn't figure out why my computer was acting up for the first 2 days...I had loaded the new FireFox browser and thought that was the reason. As anyone that knows me knows, I am NOT computer savvy AT ALL. I have really good security and I regularly run my scans...against adware, spyware and all that other garbage...then I decided to run an extra scan since my computer was acting up! Not knowing the severity I see a few things pop up and then call the BF to take a look and "fix" them. LOL!
He was NOT happy...and by the look of his face I knew it wasn't good.
However, I had NO IDEA just HOW BAD it REALLY was though.
I of course believing in his computer genious wasn't phased...then after 2 days I started to get Friday night when he had been up for many hours for days trying to fix my computer and saying,"...I REALLY don't think I can fix might lose everything....This is the most advanced virus I have EVER seen! This is impossible to remove..."
Yeah, I started to freak out.
Sure, I back up and save my info...but to be honest I don't do it enough and he does get after me about it.
The thought of this thing going through my files and eating them and erasing them was freaking me out!

Anyway, late Saturday afternoon he FINALLY comes to me and says," It's FIXED!!!"

That was SCARY!
I mean, my computer is old and idealy I would like to buy a new one at the end of the year or so...but to be forced in this way was NOT how I intended to get a new computer!

So, TO EVERYONE out there!
PLEASE back up your information JUST IN CASE...these aweful viruses can get in to your computer NO MATTER HOW HIGH your security is!
They are JUST THAT GOOD and it truly is the luck of the draw! I mean, I am the only one on my computer and I don't go to the "questionable" sights that I always thought were "the ones" that could infect your computer. He says these are so good that they can hide in a jpeg picture and when you click it to see it automatically gets into your computer just like THAT!
My number just randomly came up and it got on my computer!
I was lucky!
You KNOW I will be backing up my info much more regularly NOW!

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