Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Credit Card Fraud

Nothing like getting a call first thing in the morning yesterday about possible credit card fraud!
Apparently somehow someone got my ATM/Credit card info!
They had my pin number and everything!!!!
They totally took my rent money!!!!
Cleaned out my checking and were about to clean me out completely!!!!
Not that there was much to take but STILL!!!!!!
What JERKS!!!!
Thank goodness Citibank called me and asked if I was making withdraws from Vegas!!!!
Um, I was still in bed in California so...uh, NOT ME!!!!
They made 4 transactions from ATM's~!
I HOPE they all had cameras!!!!!
I feel SO violated!
So, now I have to WAIT and don't have my rent money to pay my Landlord!
Hopefully everything is suppose to get resolved within the next few weeks!
Apparently an0ther gentleman behind me in the bank just had the same thing happen to him and the person was sitting there in the parking lot receiving all his info from the actual ATM that they fitted with a special device that reads OUR card info and relays it to the thief!!! Luckily the Citibank ATM read that there was information being transferred after the machine read his card info and shut the ATM down so it wasn't able to send all HIS info to the thief!!! They get EVERYTHING! Your pin number...bank info, card number et cetera!
Know what?!
I used my Citibank ATM only days before this happened too!
I RARELY ever use an ATM!!!!

This is SUCH a drag!

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