Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Beautiful Pieces Piling Up!!!

It's been MONTHS that I have pieces just piling up and sitting here waiting to be seen!
There just isn't enough time in the day sometimes.
Well, at least it feels that way.
I've been busy with custom pieces (which I am SO thankful for) and just haven't had the time to take the pictures and prep the already completed pieces...and now I realize over the last 6+ months they are piling up!
I think what happens is I start these pieces in between the custom orders and before I know it I have several not quite finished pieces all around me.
It's frustrating since I have been only renewing A LOT of products in my Etsy shop instead of listing more new pieces.
Certainly client orders come first and that brings me around in my circle again!
I thought I could at least share a few pics of items not listed yet...a fun sneak peek!

These are a part of my Cherub Flower Collection. I actually made like 6 different variations. REALLY BEAUTIFUL in person.

This is a part of my Natural Beauties Collection.

I have several variations and colors of these vintage inspired necklaces. I LOVE them!

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