Friday, June 6, 2008

Feeling better...sorta....

Thanks for the well wishes everyone!
I am feeling better...well, nothing a few good night's sleep and EmergenC can't help!

I know...I know I have said that I am going to try and be above it...but HONESTLY, this is getting RIDICULOUS!
ALL of you that have been following my work from years ago...or even as of this year know the kind of designs that make a TRUE Mikiye Creation. Sure, sure, we have slightly touched on the copycat issue...OK. more then I would like in MY case...BUT this is SO PERSONAL now YOU HAVE to take a LOOK!
It's LIKE LOOKING AT A LOW QUALITY VERSION OF PIECES FROM MY SHOP...OK. "SIMILAR" Pieces from my shop...since that's how THEY put it.
Honestly, as I have said before, if they had been designing similar items from the get go I would understand....BUT, since they never made items like this BEFORE ME, and NEVER carried designs like this in their shop BEFORE ME and seem to post NEW items SIMILAR to MINE AFTER ME...kinda lends one to believe UM...COPYING MUCH??!!!!
I know, I sound a bit immature which I know simply comes from my built up frustration.
I have to remember, as another designer said to me, "...we take A LOT OF TIME and make a lot of effort to create these pieces and designs of OURS." It is frustrating to think how much of ourselves we put into these pieces to merely see someone else steal the ideas and post them in their shops. Sure I have stated everything has been done, but when we as designers post a new design for sale, nothing sickens me more then to see something very similar post within hours or a few days from these copycat shops!
I guess I have to remember that "I KNOW" that I am genuine and create fantastic designs and do not KNOCK OFF other designers...and "THEY KNOW" they are merely copying other peoples designs...and are nothing but people that steal and prey off the hard work of others.
I know I sound very harsh but seriously, take a look at my personal problem/thorn in my side shop and you will be SHOCKED at the merchandise in their shop in comparison to mine. Especially if you are familiar with them and remember that they NEVER CARRIED ANY OF THIS NEW STUFF IN THEIR SHOP PRIOR TO ME carrying these floral designs.
Yeah, I'm SO FRUSTRATED that I could...I! (that's kinda gross)
I wish they would just go away.

A few items here and there would be bad enough...but, I'm just sick and tired...too much, and too many knock off pieces. I mean, literally, I have had at least 5 peers and 9 customers tell me (within the last few months) in one way or another about this sudden "similarity" happening in their shop and how their merchandise looks like they are "knocking you off" is what the majority of them said to me.
If this many people have said something to's NOT IN MY HEAD.

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