Thursday, September 23, 2010

JAVA Leather shoes by Jimmy Choo

I have to admit that unlike MANY if not all my friends am not obsessed with shoes.
Let me clarify, I LOVE shoes but have difficult feet which do not allow me to wear any of the ones I admire so...I keep my shoe love to a minimum.
Then again, even if I suddenly had mad money to splurge I can't see myself spending $800-$1000 on shoes to sit here in my apartment in.
With all this said, I was actually looking for some Bridal shoe selections when I found these!
Jimi Choo JAVA
I think I felt a slight pitter patter in my chest. This is a person that wears boys Nike's and flip flops for the most part...(did I just admit that?)
The color, the detail...Shoe love!

Now, I never said that I think I could actually walk around in guess is I would hobble about feeling mighty cute though!
My friends still tease me about my late 90's New Year's Eve in heels "event" ..."event of pain" more how I remembered it... Let's just say, Me and heels don't really go well together.
But how I ADORE watching you ladies gracefully glide around in them! I am completely bewildered how you do it without grimacing from pain in the balls of your feet but maybe that's a me thing!

Oh, I just happened to look at the price...$1995.00
...I think I'll just continue to admire from afar...very far!

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