Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photo Shoot Designs

A few weeks ago I was approached to design a few pieces for a Vivid Magazine shoot...I am waiting for the magazine issue to come out so I haven't seen any pictures yet.
It was SO MUCH FUN since I rarely get to make what I LIKE!
You know what I mean. I am always designing pieces for my clients so I rarely have time to make something creative from my own imagination.

I took some preliminary pics on my favorite mannequin head but I can hardly wait to see these on the model.
Note to self: "Black is a nightmare for a novice photographer!"
I did my best and they will have to do!

I don't have them in my shop.
I am working on my personal website so depending on time line I might just list it in there...but that might be months away before it goes live so who knows!

What the stylist told me for her inspiration was sorta Victorian meets punk/goth but not really punk/goth.
I kinda thought I knew what she meant. All I knew was it was suppose to be accenting high end designer clothing.
Anyway, I had a blast making this literally from scratch.
Both pieces are completely hand made by me.
The first piece I experimented with a cotton twill. I Liked that it was a little more firm.
The second piece I used a delicate sheer Silk Chiffon.
I was in LOVE with both of them! ...not to sound stuck up... I was just really happy with the finished designs!
These are pieces that I would wear if i was still working out of the house. I sit in t-shirts and sweats at home.
Anyway, Enjoy!
As soon as I get pics of the actual shoot I will TOTALLY share them!

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