Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well, I held myself back last night after getting out of the bath!
Seriously, I just wanted to go straight to the computer and babble about how SILKY SMOOTH my skin felt!
I have never taken a milk bath before. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
I LOVE Lavender so I was intoxicated with delight getting in to this milky silky tub.
I am totally HOOKED!!
These are SOOOO going to be gifts!
My skin felt soooo hydrated after I got out of the tub I was almost thinking I didn't need to moisturize! That's something!!! (I have really drying hard water in my OLD apartment)

Perhaps it's the Taurus in me...BUT I LOVE a little PAMPERING!
This is the perfect item.
I think EVERYONE should TRY THIS!

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BrazilDesigns said...

Awesome to hear you enjoyed your milk bath!! I was going to ask you if you liked it. YAY, you did!!!