Monday, July 30, 2007


Oh well...I was Denied from Trunkt!
They told me my pictures weren't up to standard I guess.
Another person said that they are currently not accepting anymore jewelry designers at this time since soo many have been applying.
Who knows.
I like the idea that they were simply at their limit for applicants in that area and that they just didn't snub me.
Yeah, I ego is a bit bruised.

I can't believe my favorite "SPA THERAPY" was denied too!!!
Her shop and photos are SOO CONSUMER inviting and friendly!
That was surely lame in MY opinion!
I get the applicants with BAD pictures...but there are many that I have seen with great products and good pictures that have been denied as well.

Oh Well.

I'll re apply again in a week.
We'll see.

These were the pictures I submitted and was denied for.

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Jussara said...

I honestly see NO reason for them to deny your pictures! Those are great photographs and GORGEOUS jewelry pieces!! I'm sure it's because they just reach a limit for jewelry.
I have applied like 4 times already and I only get the automated response, so I don't know what's really wrong w/ my applications. I'll keep trying....

Mikiye Creations said...

I WAS REALLY shocked when you said you were denied too!
I couldn't believe it!!!