Tuesday, March 25, 2008


PICTURE TIME with the new designs!
I figured I would take a little time to play a bit and still do something business oriented. LOL!!! I just needed to take a step away from this lame Etsy thing. I sent them a letter back today and have not heard back from them.

I realize that the new pieces I just made are very difficult to imagine what they look like on since they are merely photographed static on a piece of paper. In the past I have modeled the flowers for ONE photograph so customers may see what it looks like on a real person. I personally DO NOT like taking photos of myself...lol. Unfortunately, at this time I do not have the funds for a huge photo campaign with gorgeous models to wear them for me. Hee hee. I suppose these will do for now. I do think it actually helps customers. I personally like to see items on a real body. Even though most products will have measurements I enjoy seeing what it REALLY looks like when someone is wearing it, what ever it may be...um, unless it's like Victoria's Secret Lingerie...heh, I don't exactly think those models represent MY figure but I get the basic idea! LOL!!!
I know in some forums people get weirded out if a product has been worn by someone already...I mean, I figure, I just washed my hair so it's totally clean! LOL!
I wouldn't wear earrings because of legal hygiene regulations in other countries but I think the flowers are alright to wear just for one photograph.

I realized just how self conscious I am since I took these...phew! I haven't taken any pictures in a LONG time!I'm a bit embarrassed but I'll share a few anyway.

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Tamera Daun said...

It DOES help the customer. I really like the red one, and you are gorgeous!

PamperingBeki said...

Girl, you are GORGEOUS!!

And I completely agree that it helps to see it on a person. That's why magazines use models! :)

Great flowers!

Mikiye Creations said...


Thank you BOTH!!!

I think it really makes a difference too!

Now, I just need to figure out how to get my new camera to take CLEAR photos on a timer...I erased like 50 that looked alright until I got them off the camera and saw they were ALL BLURRY!
It was my first time taking timed photos with THIS camera...LOL!!!
I'm sure it was a simple mistake.
I NEED to read the directions!

Michele said...

The photos are beautiful! You have nothing to be worried about. :)

And yes it is much nicer to see products on actual people so you have an idea how they will look on you. And I agree with you, except VS models. They do not represent. HA!

Anonymous said...
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