Monday, March 31, 2008

TTGART'S Contemporary Art Pendants - Art Prints - Paper Goods

Modern Poppies

Let me introduce you to TTGART Contemporary Art Pendants - Art Prints - Paper Goods.
Now you might say that you see A LOT of "pendant art" out there and I would agree. However, what makes this shop unique and what I am completely AMAZED with is that ALL the artwork you see is from her own hands! Many lovely pendants on the market are made with printed paper and other pre-made images...NOT here! Her artistic flavor varies from photo realism to vibrantly colored abstracts! This is TRULY like WEARING A LITTLE MASTERPIECE! Each design is hand made to order. I could barely choose which pieces I wanted to showcase because there are SO MANY I wanted!!!! One of my FAVORITE details is how EACH edge is ALSO painted! It's attention to detail as this that makes TTGART a cut above the rest!

Parrot African Grey Bird

A Touch of Purple

Please go and check out the shop!
I would have uploaded the ENTIRE SHOP if I could have! LOL!
Definitely GO TAKE A LOOK! It'll be worth it!

These would make GREAT MOTHER'S DAY GIFTS!!!

**Photographs courtesy of ttgart

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Monica Hamburg said...

Oh! These are soooo beautiful... Gift - pshaw - I would have to keep them for myself!

You're designs are also lovely. Intend to snag some soon.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, btw.