Saturday, March 1, 2008

juriu illustration

The Fluidity of watercolor.
For the longest time I always had my instructors recommend me to try painting to loosen up my technique. (I love to draw in graphite) I have found painting both very dynamic and frustrating at the same time. In my opinion with watercolor, there is a fine line between color saturation and simply TOO MUCH color. I think working with watercolor is the most challenging because it is VERY easily overworked and there is NO going over it (oil/acrylic) or erasing! lol.
I believe it takes a lot of practice to master this technique and Juriu has a portfolio to drool over!

Boquet Print

I am in LOVE with Juriu's work because she has mastered using detail without losing the delicate nature of this medium. Of course, what he chooses to paint is exquisite. The stylized girls with their beautiful watery eyes and flowing hair.
Absolutely STUNNING!

"I am an artist in Japan.
I love watercolor, arches rough paper, flowers and the water."

Then again, It doesn't take much to know that I too LOVE flowers and have always been mesmerized by the movement of water.

Charlotte Print

Please check out her personal site as well for MORE beautiful work that is not in her Etsy shop.
Juriu's Etsy Shop
Juriueda personal site

*All photographs courtesy of Juriu Illustrations

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ONEDIA said...

Hello, Isn't Jane a scream. I love her blog. I found you there. I am a late blooming jewelry artist ( and exploring other art forms as well) as well....though lately haven't done much and am working more with silver wire and precious metal clay. I really like your designs very much. I have just started learning Chinese brush painting. Anyway, I am putting you on my reader ....drop by fiery hearts, agile minds, nimble fingers blogspot if you like.