Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bumble Bee Designs

LOOK at what DARLING things I have found!!!!

Boutique Hand Embroidered Green Pansy Set

Now, I don't have children or have anyone close to me with a young child (yet) BUT I just LOVE these and had to SHARE!

WisteriaLane Boutique Handmade Baby Booties with Pansies

Bumble Bee Designs is a company started by talented Pietrina from New South Wales in Australia.

"I have been a cross stitcher and embroiderer for many years. I do cross stitch and embroidery for magazines and design companies across the country including DMC. I first designed booties for family and friends and everyone loved them so much they encouraged me to start sharing them with others. Which is how my business Bumble Bee Designs began...I do all the embroidery myself by hand including making the ribbon roses and pansies myself. You won't be disappointed as I take pride in what I make and the quality of my
:P products!"

I agree with Pietrina! What AMAZING attention to detail her designs have! Of course I just love the flowers and truly appreciate the SKILL it takes to create them in her work. I once tried cross stitching...or was it embroidery...well, I didn't get it. LOL.
I was all thumbs when I attempted what ever it was! LOL!
So, back to Bumble Bee Designs...
In her shop she has sets as well as single items you can purchase. Everything has her equal attention to every detail and is meticulously crafted. Just wonderful!

Boutique Hand Embroidered Pink Pansy Set

I think these would MAKE THE BEST GIFTS!!!
With all the "Gap Kid" type shops popping up everywhere I find Bumble Bee Designs such a refreshing and undeniably treasure of a find!
I HIGHLY recommend that you check out her shop and keep it in your notes for when YOU DO have a little one to buy the bundle of Love is yours or a friend or family member.

**All photographs courtesy of Bumble Bee Designs

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Bumble Bee Designs said...

Hello Mikiye,
I just wanted to thank you so much for your lovely write up about my baby clothes. It is much appreciated and I'm so glad you love them! :)
Thanks again!!!!