Tuesday, May 6, 2008

JaredKS Photography

I've been a bit all about ME lately and wanted to share the LOVE.
Plus, it's been a bit gloomy the last few days and I NEEDED a bit of sunshine and nothing takes me to another place like a well taken photograph. I have been a fan of JaredKS for a while and realized I NEEDED to share his work with you.
Good Morning Kansas

When I look at this photo I can almost FEEL the crisp chill in the morning air and the dewy mist against my skin. I don't get this kind of a vision in the congested city that I live in so I appreciate its quiet serenity.
Ah, I SO want to be THERE!

My Next Favorite photo of his is this one:
Morning Glory Pool

This is such a gorgeous reflection of real life! The COLORS! This is simply a trip to look at. LOL! I have never been to Yellowstone and I WISH TO GO someday...before they stop tourists from visiting. (I have heard that in the not too far future they will stop tourism due to all the pollution they bring in to the park...I have to make it in before then!!!!)
Until I get there...I can gaze at this photo and imagine all the beauty there is to see!

Finally..there are just too many to choose from...but THIS ONE,

My Mind is spinning and I get goose bumps looking at it! Seriously, doesn't this just look like some ominous scene in a movie?! Can't you just about hear the rumble in the distance as the storm rolls above you?! Didn't you just see a flash of lightening just out of the corner of your right eye? ...and then feel the thunder crackling...

So I have an active imagination.
This is WHY I LOVE a great photograph!
I can imagine all these stories and scenes like in a book!

Well, I highly recommend to go check out
JaredKS's shop.
Perhaps you can create some wonderful stories by hanging a few of his photographs in your homes!

**All Photos courtesy on JaredKS

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Jared in Kansas said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. :)

Tamera Daun said...

I love pictures of storms..and, photography in general, where you can just kind of disappear into the image. I'll have to check this site out!