Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vintage Inspired With Love

My love for all things vintage once again managed to find it's way into my Spring 2011 designs. My apologies for all of you that have been checking back here and in my shop for the new collection. My health has been up and down so I haven't listed everything new as planned! But, I should have everything up this month!
Here are two of my favorite pieces.
This first piece I used some fantastic vintage brass pieces I found years ago. I really enjoyed using delicate lace filigree and wire basically sewing all the flowers, rhinestones and  Swarovski crystals onto the base. It never occurred to me before to use wire and metal like needlework on fabric. I am really happy how well this piece turned out. A LOT of detail that is not easily captured in my unprofessional photos.
I used various sizes of clear Swarovski crystals all over so it REALLY sparkles without feeling overly bling bling in my opinion.

Bridal Ivory Gold And SIlver Vintage Inspired 

Filigree Lace Fascinator

With this next piece I used a vintage Weiss Brooch as the focal that I had saved up for the perfect design. (I've been collecting goodies for the last 7 years) It's in nice condition for being previously owned and used. This piece I actually hand stitched every little seed bead on the lace. I do not know how the seamstresses or lace makers do it! Half way in I was almost cross eyed but knew I HAD to finish what I started! 
In person the lace edge has this beautiful glistening shimmer from the seed beads... which made me realize all the time was worth the effort!
... let me say it was a good week before I started the piece above after the 5 hours just adding the seed beads to this piece.

More soon!

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