Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luxurious Purple... Not Just For Royalty Anymore

There once was a time when the color purple was only to be worn by royalty. Dire consequences faced those who were not of the crown and caught wearing such a rich and luxurious shade! Thank goodness that no longer applies! The Etsy Twitter Team has a wonderful list of many different items all sharing variations of this once elite color.

Purple Passion Silk Scarf

by MommaGoddess
by FomNancysHeart
by brefour
by prettycheap

Deep Purple Squid Necklace - 

Polymer Clay Jewelry

by noadi

by DorsetHillBeads 
by FoxyGknits
by whimsyfish
by soaprehab

Handmade Crocheted Cup sleeve 

by Jenco13
by MoonlightDreams
by HoneyFromTheBee
by mysassyglass
by yarncoture

by scrapwithstyle
Violet, lavender, lilac, eggplant and royal purple... no matter what variation it is, it is oh so beautiful! Hope you enjoyed these selections!

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