Monday, September 7, 2009

Custom order Pictures of new Merchandise!

I finally started to hand dye materials for flowers.
I have always known that dying anything black is a precarious thing. Now I know this for a fact! LOL!
Depending on the silk or fabric it can be scary or really pretty! This is another custom order I just completed for 6 custom 3" realistic black flowers! I think they came out gorgeous!!!!

Here's a new pale pink mini version of my Holly Golightly I custom dyed for my client. It's SO pretty and feminine.

Here is a set of custom order of 3 3" realistic dyed blush pink flowers I just completed. Since I am still pretty new the the custom dying's tricky to try and "match" colors...not really fun for me but since she wanted it similar to another piece I made that was ok. I'm not sure how well I'll do if someone sends me a teal swatch or something and I have to match that!
*stomach churning at the thought*

I finally got a mask since the particles from the dye are toxic...yeah, that would be ALL I NEED!

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Kelly Reins said...

I love the colors! Great job!

merium said...

They are lovely!

Mikiye Creations said...

Thank You Kelly and Merium.
It's definitely a whole new ball game "dying" fabrics!

DK Designs said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pink version of Holly Golightly!