Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fascination: New Wedding Headdress

I just wanted to share my new design.
As I am always inspired by history I greatly enjoy the pomp and circumstance of this piece. This is a wonderfully elegant design that has a flamboyant flavor with a playful charm.
This will be gorgeous for a Bride that wants a more elaborate couture piece.

I was just thinking HOW FABULOUS this would look with any of these gowns designed by a very talented peer and fellow Etsy Wedding Team member at Bellina Bridal Boutique?!!!
I think the Chantal Gown has a gorgeous, classic, modern, Victorian glamour and my piece would be a perfect finishing touch!
Chantal Wedding Dress
Or I thought Ava G Wedding Gown is so classic and streamlined that my piece could add that extra flair!

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1 comment:

DK Designs said...

Very beautiful. :) I'm loving your new designs. :)