Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Delightful! HandCrafted Creations Blog Feature!

How excited was I to find a wonderful feature of my designs over at HandCrafted Creations Blog.
Such a lovely article and I am ALWAYS excited when I see my hard work appreciated enough to have someone take the time to share it with others. I am ALWAYS thankful!
Oh yeah and I MUST share that Victoria, the author, makes extraordinary garters! All different designs and colors!
REALLY pretty! Most of her designs are Custom pieces! Can't get any better then making it specifically for YOU.
Her blog is actually a GREAT READ and I highly recommend to periodically check it out. She always has new talent that she shares. ALL DIFFERENT products and designs so it's really fun to see who she is showcasing next!
So, go visit!
HandCrafted Creations Blog.
Victoria Joanne Custom Wedding Garters

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Victoria Joanne said...

thank you for posting about your HCC feature.

and then going above and beyond to mention my custom wedding garters. That was really nice of you.

;) Your work is so lovely, it was a pleasure to write up your HCC feature.

Victoria Joanne

Shuky Shake said...

Congrats on your feature!