Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Re Do's

As always I'm striving to create great photos of my products.
I am continuously taking new and improved photographs in different settings, light sources and backgrounds.
Here are a few of my regulars with updated photos.
Wedding Hair Accessory 2 Piece Set Mini Bijou


Delightful Duo

Barbara's Beauty

I just LOVE this teal Silk Dupioni. It completely doesn't go with my "pink" color scheme...I'll just have to factor things in...
pink and teal?
The flowers do photograph so beautifully against it though.
Better then all the other colors so far!

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Cassandra Watsham said...

Pashmina scarves are great backgrounds for stuff. I've even used my own clothes, depending on the material!

This is a fantastic colour background. I'm in love with it ... and thanks for the compliment on the Buddha necklace! I have a hard time letting go some really cool stuff I make now and then!

merium said...

I love the teal background! So dramatic!