Friday, November 13, 2009

Great Finds In My Shop UNDER $20.00: Vintage Glass Earrings

I wanted to make sure I let everyone know that I am gearing up for a great holiday season this year. I figured anything to help everyone with a little heads up on what's going on in my shop to make gift giving less stressful and easier on the pocket book! I'll be showcasing great products for an even more wonderful price point. In future posts I will be highlighting other shops special items too! So, definitely check back to see more good stuff!!!

Not too long ago I found some gorgeous vintage glass pieces set in brass and decided to make some classic little earrings! Really beautiful jewelry at a wonderfully reasonable price! Some of my pieces date from the 1950's through the 70's. All around the quality of the glass is quite lovely and clean for their age. Here are a few that I have currently in my shop. Most of the pieces I can make more then one of you want, just ask.
This is one of my FAVORITE colors! It is SOOOO PRETTY! Almost like a dark aqua turquoise blue.
Double Drops

Delicious Orange Drops

Ocean Diamonds

Tourmaline Illusions

Royal Purple Diamonds

I just love the two-toned glass pieces. I have a few different colors in my shop.
Rubies and Wine

All of these will arrive wrapped with a silk pink ribbon in a pretty little box.

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