Thursday, November 5, 2009

SHOP OF THE WEEK: Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

Welcome to the SHOP OF THE WEEK: Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

"I am passionate about beading, and find it relaxing and fun! My favorite thing about it is that I can have different projects going on at the same time. Beaded earrings can take about an hour, while other pieces have different components and steps. "
With gift giving just around the corner ( 54 shopping days!), Linda's fabulous designs are sure to please friends and family on your list, as well as brighten up your own holiday mood!"

Talk about a plethora of fun and wonderful items! You can find ALL SORTS of great gifts for the approaching holidays!
Something to put you in the mood are these SUPER COOL Holiday Assortment of Bottlecap Magnets - Set of 4

Or if you are the type to wear a little fun in your hair there are these very pretty pearl wrapped hair clips! Pop them in and the little one can run around town with her pigtails and pretty hair clips!
Pearl Beads Wire Wrapped Hairclips-Barrettes

Finally, for the little writers in all of us are these creative Owl Tweet Blank Greeting Cards.

In honor of her November 1 birthday, Linda is offering a week long discount:
20% off purchases totaling $10, excluding shipping
November 2 - November 8

*Photos courtesy of Linda B's Beaded Jewelry

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