Sunday, November 22, 2009

Todays Gift Giving Fabulous Find: Blue Skies Shawl - Hand Knitted and Crocheted

With the weather cooling down...might I even say I'm freezing cold at thoughts have revolved around "Keeping warm!"
While bouncing around on the internet this Blue Skies Shawl caught me eye!

What a wonderful GIFT this would make!!!! Classic colors and design make this an easy item for anyone at any age. Beautiful craftsmanship and quality make this an item they can enjoy throughout the seasons!

"Blue skies will definitely be shining on you when you wear this lacy and soft wool hand knitted and crocheted shawl. And... those blue skies can shine on you throughout the year because this is a 4 season garment.

The yarn varies from white through several shades of beautiful blue and knitted up to form cloud-like forms. I made an openwork lace stripe up the back of the shawl. Then added a crocheted ruffle to the edges. The ruffled look is very au courrant according to last week's Fashion Section of the Sunday New York Times. You will definitely be the envy of all when you wear this wrap.

The yarn is such a lightweight wool that you can almost see through the shawl. I knitted it on small enough needles, however, to make it quite stable and snag-resistant. It drapes like a dream, too. This results from many hours of dedicated and careful work."

I can practically FEEL the soft snugly texture!
If you don't snap this up someone else SURELY WILL!!!!

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