Monday, November 9, 2009

More Halloween Pics

Well, it was a LOVE fest at my Mom's this weekend. I went to stay at my Mom's for my sister's Birthday that we celebrated Saturday. However, all the rest of the weekend I was having Snuggle time with my Mom's little Shih tzu Sophie. I realized I REALLY want a Shih tzu when I decide I am ready to have a dog in my life. I'm not allergic to her which is the number one plus to this breed for me. Also, I just LOVE how sweet and utterly affectionate they are! Last night we were sitting on the sofa and she was snuggled up like a little baby with her tummy up and head in the crook of my arm. SO CUTE! (I just realized how that sounded SO my biological clock ticking) (YIKES) I do feel a little guilty that I had so much fun and my poor little Topoli kitty was here at home. So, this evening we had some snuggle time together until my legs and butt started getting numb from him sitting on my lap!
He's a decent sized male cat.
So, my Mom sent me these pictures of Sophie's Halloween outfit.
Just had to share.
...I just keep thinking how silly we humans are with our pets.
BTW, I had my Mom watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua with me since I knew she would like it.
She totally liked it. My bet I find it in her DVD collection in the future!
These crack me up.

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