Monday, November 16, 2009

Todays Gift Giving Fabulous Find: Cabled Coffee Cozie in Cranberry Red

Todays Gift Giving Fabulous Find is from Kim White Creations.

Cabled Coffee Cozie in Cranberry Red.

I recycle, changed all my light bulbs, switched almost all of my cleaning supplies to non toxic (slowly weeding everything out) and drive a hybrid so I am always looking for more ways to help keep the earth healthy. With wanting to be more environmentally friendly I thought how great of an item is this! I think I am the ONLY person I know that doesn't drink coffee and I ALWAYS saw all my co workers with the coffee cups and the paper cardboard thing cover around them. How nice to use something like this. It's totally environmentally friendly since it is reusable, it's aesthetically pleasing and just feels NICE on the skin! Oh yeah, and it's completely functional in so many ways!

"My Cable Knit Coffee Cozies are a great gift at only $10! You can "gift" them by themselves, or wrap them around a take-out coffee cup with a gift card for coffee tucked inside. Adding a few chocolates inside the cup is a nice touch as well!
The Cozies work great around coffee, tea, or cocoa, a soda can or even a beer, and I have had customers purchase them for use around cocktail glasses to keep their drinks icy!"

I never thought of using this for cold beverages! Seriously, the only prepackaged beverage I drink is water and when I have been out and order cold bottled water...I HATE how it chills me to drink out of it! Using one of these would completely make a difference!
Definitely take a look in her shop for more colors and designs.
There is a great rich dark grey one that would be perfect for a guy! Im liking a festive Xmas looking red and white one!

*Photo courtesy of kimwhitecreations

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