Monday, October 12, 2009

Spotlight Shop: Designer Photo Imaging

I have always admired talented Graphic designers and their work.
While in my early college years I was told to learn how to use a computer, become a graphic designer and use my artistic talents...of course, I couldn't even type so the thought of learning to use a computer was anything but what I wanted to do. YEARS later I WISH I had stayed in that typing class and had enrolled in a computer class.
Then again, a few years later I met someone that did just that and hated their graphic design job.
Which brings me to this VERY TALENTED designer of the shop Designer Photo Imaging.
I remember the lady I talked to saying how she hated having to cram all this information in a small ad space and using little to none of her actual artistic talents! While reading Teresa's profile I TOTALLY remembered this conversation.
Quote from Teresa's profile, "Ads that I was asked to create brought you straight to snoozeville. Customers want to cram as much text as they can into a teeny tiny space and you can forget about artwork or photos! White space is a dirty word to them."
Basically the same conversation! It must be something very artistic graphic designers face in that field.
Well, for our sakes I am SO GLAD that she has expanded into making these amazing invitations!

"...Early in 2008 I started specializing in wedding invitations. I also design other invitations and announcements for other occasions (baby showers, birth announcements, grad announcements/parties, birthday parties, etc.). In the future I plan on creating a new sub-division of Designer Photo Imaging exclusively for invitations and announcements. Things are starting to fall into place and Appleberry Ink will go live by 2010! Designer Photo Imaging will then concentrate primarily on the photo artwork that I currently offer."

I am always looking for talented artisans to showcase and share.
I definitely appreciate the exceptional skill and talent in her work.
Here are a few on my FAVORITE pieces.
Noddea - wedding invitations with directions (set of 25)

Jayda - orchid wedding invitations with directions (set of 25)

Aurora - poppy wedding invitations with directions (set of 25)

Petrina - victorian wedding invitations with directions (set of 25)

Teresa's work is absolutely visually stimulating!
The colors and composition are lovely.
If you are in the market for any wedding invitations, baby showers, birth announcements, grad announcements/parties, birthday parties, etc. I highly recommend visiting her shop!
These examples were only a few of the many gorgeous examples of her work!

*Photos courtesy of Designer Photo Imaging

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