Sunday, October 4, 2009

FUN FIND of the day: Janet Care Shawl in Mossy Green

Janet Care Shawl in Mossy Green

I can hear the wind gusting outside!
I just came across this cozy looking shawl and thought how perfect it would be to have this draped over my lap right now as I am sitting at my desk. This would surely keep my legs warm and comfy!
Here is a little more info from the actual listing:

"This super soft Care Shawl is so soft and cozy. It is a combination of beautiful mossy green with flecks of an olive/brown. Its a wee bit fuzzy too, making it soft against the skin.
My Care Shawls and Lap Wraps are designed to be draped over the shoulders, or the lap, of a loved one. They are a perfect gift for ill, hospitalized, or recovering friends and family.
None of my creations have tassels, so they are suitable for loved ones that are confined to a wheelchair. "

Definitely go take a look in her shop for more warm and WELL MADE items perfect for the approaching cooler weather!

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