Monday, October 12, 2009

My Family Fur Babies Getting Ready for Halloween

When my family came over they had to share the costume that My Sister got for her Fur Baby Allie.
Allie does NOT like to be clothed. It is hilarious since most dogs generally simply try to get the items off with their paws or rolling around. Not Allie. She Automatically cowers and freezes in place. I have never seen my sister try to put clothing on her so I thought she was exaggerating...

Poor little Allie just laid down and wouldn't move until my sister removed the cute little hat and cowboy.
By the look on her face you would have thought we were REALLY torturing her!
So, by then we of course had to try in on my Mom's Shih Tzu Sophie.
Completely the opposite she was prancing around like nothing!
We were laughing!

Here's Sophie playing with her best friend one of my Aunt's Labs.

I never have had a dog of my own but I have had A LOT of people ask if I made jewelry for dogs over the years.
I bedazzled a few sweater for my Mom's last dog but that was about it.
I just LOVE the Fur Babies!
This isn't my dog but it's SO CUTE!

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