Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting Ready for HALLOWEEN!

Getting ready for Halloween I felt inspired to make some new and fun pieces!

Skeleton's Gold

What I normally think is kinda scary is now pretty fun since it's covered in sparkling Swarovski crystals!
It's the perfect little sparkling number to pop into your hair. Even some of the shorter styles can wear this since it's on a Bobby pin. It's WAY CUTER in person!
Crimson Widow Spider Feather Headpiece

This still has all the FESTIVE FUN for the holidays with the HIGH QUALITY that you expect from a Mikiye Creation.
The sparkle from all the various sizes of Light Siam red crystals is SOOOOO PRETTY in the light. Unfortunately, they barely show in the photographs.
You will absolutely twinkle like stars with the tint of sizzling RED in the low light of dusk.
Silver Widow

Silver Widow is perfect if you want to stay completely nocturnal and Jet Black! No extra color in this piece. Clear Sparkling Swarovski rhinestones will definitely get you noticed with all the eye catching SHINE and SPARKLE!

For my Diehard flower LOVERS I have a few custom hand dyed to perfection pieces.
Black Currant Flirt

Midnight Passion

Crimson Vamp

Perfect for someone that wants the REAL DEEP DARK BLOOD RED color!

I'll be listing a few new surprises so check back soon!!!!!

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