Friday, October 30, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: Dandelionland

I have seen her work for a long time and have totally lagged on sharing this amazing artist with you!!!
Welcome to Dandelionland. A place filled with beautiful one of a kind pieces that will make your Special day!
I have NEVER SEEN such creative craftsmanship as her customized Cake Toppers/Centerpieces. She will customize hair, skin and eye color, the bride's dress and veil, the groom's suit, tie and boutonniere.

Here are a few incredible examples of how the bride and groom can be customized. The bride and groom may be used as wedding cake toppers, table centerpiece or as a memorable gift for a newly married couple. The bride and groom are 3 3/4" tall. Their heads are 2" wide. They each have a non toxic clear coating on them that shines them up nicely.
Custom Wedding Cake Toppers or Centerpiece

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers or Centerpiece

For the Tropical Exotic Hawaiian Wedding:Custom Wedding Cake Toppers or Centerpiece

For the Animal Lovers you can even have your cat and dog join you in your nuptials: Custom Wedding Cake Toppers or Centerpiece

The variety, versatility and skill is apparent with all the variations of ethnicities and style! The attention to detail! The delicate skill of painting that veil!
I absolutely LOVE her work and highly recommend anyone planning a wedding to take a look in her shop. You can contact her and she will make you a pair that look just like you both!

* All photographs courtesy of Dandilionland

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