Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FUN FIND of the DAY: Pretty in Pink Knot Scarf

Check out my AWESOME FUN FIND of the Day!
Pretty in Pink Knot Scarf Spring Summer Skinny Lightweight Fringe Scarflette in Strands of Pinks and Creams and Ribbon

Can this look any more TOTALLY PRETTY and SNUGLY warm?!
AND as IF this couldn't get any better...It's ONLY $20.00!!!!! I am writing this I am thinking, "Holy COW! Maybe I NEED to BUY this myself!"
Well, I'll give you all the chance to snatch it up first...but don't wait too long because I might feel compelled to snap it up myself!

Definitely check out her shop! It is one of my favorite places for high quality knit wear!!!

*Photo courtesy of beautifulbridget

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