Tuesday, April 22, 2008

GALLO STYLE Personal Shopping

I can't tell you how many of my guy friends DREAD having to shop! Let me clarify, shop outside the parameters of t-shirts, shorts and jeans. The whole idea of having to go to a mall, find parking, standing in lines and shuffling through clothes...and generally settling for the conservative button down shirt and Dockers is NOT a day well spent as far as they are concerned. With that said, still wondering if what they purchased looks alright for the function they are wearing it to. For the men that are tired of digging through their closets and would like to simplify and update their wardrobe but haven't the slightest idea where to begin?

It is with great pleasure that I am introducing
GALLO STYLEConsultants.

"the mission of Gallo Style Consultants: the idea that less is more, that too much clothing is not a good thing, that too many choices just make you spend too much time in your closet every morning, that if a basic wardrobe is done correctly you will have the best of both worlds — a stylish wardrobe that is easy to wear and easy to put together — a man’s wardrobe."

I just LOVE that last statement. "A Man's Wardrobe."
Ladies, Even us simple gals still have a bunch of STUFF crammed in the closets I KNOW!
So, I think there is something to this!

I have personally known Mr. Gallo for years and I am thrilled to spread the word about his new venture. I must confess that he was ALWAYS the most well dressed straight man I have ever known and one of the NICEST GENTLEMEN I have ever met! He's always had a talent and an eye for mens fashion. With years of experience in both the retail and buying aspects of clothing he has had training by some of the best in the industry. He is the type of person that ACTUALLY LISTENS to you and doesn't just select what HE THINKS YOU should be wearing. I believe his service is what men want and need today. What man doesn't want to spend less time and money on clothes...AND GET EXACTLY what you need?!

Here are a few services:

Go through all clothes and determine what needs to be removed from wardrobe based on age, condition, style and fit.

Discuss type of style customer is looking for.

create punch list of new items to complete wardrobe.

Pre-shop, select and place clothing on hold.

Work with client and tailor to ensure proper fit.

If you are a man looking to clean up, simplify and refine your wardrobe and you live in Northern California this will be one of THE BEST INVESTMENTS you will EVER MAKE.
I foresee people venturing from all over to visit

"Men and women shop in different ways and have different expectations.
GALLO STYLE Consultants is the first Bay Area personal shopping and wardrobe service dedicated specifically to men."

I highly recommend to check out GALLO STYLE services. This could be a perfect excuse to take a vacation to the Bay area!!!

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