Monday, April 14, 2008

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Reversable Floral Polka Dot Dog Dress

Because I NEEDED something fun and enjoyable I decided I had to share
MIA'S CLOSET! I don't have a dog but the idea of dressing up the pooches makes me giggle! Grant you, I would LOVE to have one but I have decided to wait for a yard and better health so I can run around with my buddie too.
So back to MIA'S CLOSET!
There are SOO MANY CUTE dog t-shirts, dresses, hoodies and accessories that you will pretty much find SOMETHING for your pooch!
I confess that I just Love the little photos of the dogs modeling the clothes.
The quality is very nice and you can tell that she enjoys what she does.
You will certainly have a pleasant experience and a stylish pooch!

***Photos courtesy of Mia's Closet

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Fran said...

So cute dog clothes ;) said...

my chihuahua would hate me! But those are way cute!