Monday, April 14, 2008


Been dealing with the health stuff again so sorry for the lack of, with the current issue with the company that is giving me problems I haven't been posting new merchandise either.

Did I bother to share that they (THAT COMPANY) wrote another letter to Etsy about the commissioned piece that I sold several posts ago...yeah, the one I mentioned that I e-mailed Etsy several times before selling the item to find out the protocol what to do do as to NOT get in trouble with them?! Yes, I got a reprimand e-mail from Etsy NOT to repost the which I wrote back that I have e-mails that were NEVER answered asking what to do about this subject and sale BEFORE I sold the item. I told them that the customer should NOT have to suffer because of a misunderstanding that she had nothing to do with and that Etsy NEVER RESPONDED to my inquiries.
Heh, they never responded back to me.

OH, ON A POSITIVE NOTE, or so I think...I e-mailed Etsy about THAT company and its abuse on MASS SELLING. Apparently they have a US eBay store, UK eBay store and Canada eBay store. ALL with at least 9 pages FULL of merchandise! I wrote eBay and asked them their policy on this matter and they responded by letting me know that each store is independent of one another. To me this means all merchandise is independent of one another. Hmmm, why that would mean there would have to be almost 700 to a thousand items between those three shops ALONE PLUS about 180 items in their Etsy shop AND their COMPLETE independent personal on line store! ON TOP OF ALL THAT I found ebid shops from them for Italy, Australia, Spain, UK and the US...there was more but I figured that was enough ammo.

Well people, NOW WE WILL SEE what happens.
If they don't get kicked off the site for this I WILL BE DISGUSTED!

ETSY REMOVED THE PHOTO on that sale of the piece that I was commissioned for that THAT company complained about. So, now THAT company is LOOKING in MY SOLD!

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3 comments: said...

wow! what a mess THAT COMPANY has made of things!

PamperingBeki said...

What a mess!

I do love etsy and I'm a big time etsy cheerleader but I'd say their silence (lack of responding) means I should take the sale off of etsy and handle it privately. If you encounter another custom inquiry like that, that's how I'd handle it.

Mikiye Creations said...

Yeah, I agree Beki, I was just trying TO DO THE RIGHT THING.