Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have NEVER had such problems since I have lived in my current residence.
I don't know what the deal is about living in the proximity of this part of Los Angeles but I CANNOT GET MY MAIL ON TIME! I have had legal documents never arrive which led me to get a Post office box! Within the last 4 months my mail delivery has progressively gotten worse. Remember the candles? Almost 2 months to get to me?! Well, Now I am getting MY BILLS AFTER THEIR DUE DATES!!!! What is up with that?! EDISON, CAPITAL ONE...companies DO NOT LIKE TO BE PAID LATE! My last rent check arrived 29 days late! Of course that was canceled...but the Landlord called me to let me know because he couldn't believe it himself! He looked at the post marked date to see that it took almost a month to get to his PO BOX!!! Our post offices are withing the same district I believe! 15-20 minutes apart? We have complained to the Post Master but NOTHING has been done. I never got a purchase I made off of Etsy which was a BUMMER! I never know if something is going to arrive in my mail or's TERRIBLE!
I am beside myself as I cannot have packages being lost! It took 2 other orders of merchandise over a month to get to me as well and they thought both were lost also. It's becoming ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! I am currently waiting for some other packages that the senders are wondering why I haven't received them either! It's frustrating waiting and hoping merchandise I PAID for hasn't been lost!
I am at the mercy of the United States Post Office and I am AFRAID!!!!!
Well, FRUSTRATED, ANNOYED, IRRITATED and IMPATIENT are really more like it.

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elponk said...

I love the flowers..where do you sell.

PamperingBeki said...

Oh my goodness, that's awful!!