Thursday, April 17, 2008

Handcut and handmade!

So, for those that have been following the ridiculousness of THAT other company stating they have a copyright on a PREMADE STORE PURCHASED flower that apparently I am no longer allowed to sell (the base flower) in my Etsy shop...I have decided to start hand cutting my own petals! This actually has been fun as well as a challenge. I purchased several materials to practice with including silk, silk organza, an organza blend, rayon and cotton. Did I mention that the silk was $15.00 a yard?! YIKES! I spent several hours cutting and fingers were sore from all the scissor use and after much trial and error I began putting things together. I decided for now I really am enjoying the blend of ready made petals with my hand cut pieces. It absolutely makes them MINE and totally unique in design. It's A LOT of work but I really like the finished pieces so far. Here are a few of my new designs.

Please click on each to get a better view!

I am annoyed that THAT site IS STILL UP AND RUNNING even though they are violating the Etsy policy on reselling and mass producing.

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1 comment:

PamperingBeki said...

Those are gorgeous!

I think everyone aware of the situation agrees with you 100% that it's crazy that the other store is still open...