Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Delights In Smelling Good!!!!

About 8 months ago my skin decided I was never to use store bought deodorant EVER again. Well, I came to that conclusion after having 8 new sticks of different brands sitting in my bathroom that I couldn't use. This was when I made the wonderful discovery of my favorite Spa Therapy Works on Etsy. I was already a huge fan of her soaps and baths so I decided to give her natural deodorant a try.
I was use to "unscented" and the thought of getting something with a "smell" was really weird for me. I have had to change to EVERYTHING unscented in the last 3-5 years due to allergies. Unscented laundry detergent and fabric softener et cetera. So, I tried the Summertime and Fresh Juiced scents and was delightfully surprised!
Well, this season I tried a few more! My favorite is Black Raspberry Vanilla
Realizing I could now use a few "scented items" I wanted to try more things! So, my NEW favorite items are a few body sprays that I have found!
Of course being a person that had to stop wearing perfume this was a FANTASTIC discovery! I mean, what woman doesn't want to smell pretty?!?!?!
So I had to get the matching
Black Raspberry Body Sprayand it is wonderful, delicious and fresh!!!! I am also IN LOVE with Sweet Blueberry!!!!

I also stumbled upon another shops body sprays that I love too! CozyMoments.
She has some FANTASTIC Body Sprays and Perfumes
I love Vanilla based scents...basically "foodie" scents is what I was told.
What a surprise!
I purchased Vanilla Bean Noel and Vanilla Coconut Sprays! HOLY COW~! I LOVE them!
Ha! ha! HA! I am delirious with joy!
I literally mix them...a little fruit...a little vanilla!
If you are looking for refreshing and delicious scents for anytime especially Summer I HIGHLY recommend you check out these shops! What is truly outstanding about these is that the scents don't smell "synthetic" like a lot of similar items on the market. I hate that weird "synthetic cheap smell" that makes you think of dime store soaps OR the old school Strawberry Shortcake dolls and scratch and sniff children's books! LOL!!! know what I mean?! Each of the scents I have named are fresh, succulent and pretty true...especially the Vanilla! Oh yeah, if you like baked goods...The Spa Therapy Pink Cupcake Spray is FABULOUS!

*All photos courtesy of Spa Therapy and CozyMoments

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CozyMoments said...

Thank you for the lovely write-up Mikiye, I appreciate it! :)

Take care,

Яната said...

Hi, Mikiye!
I love your beautiful flowers and stylish blog.
Please, visit my blog to pick up a surprise for you.
Have a blessed day, CutieGoodie