Monday, August 15, 2011

SHOP OF THE WEEK: Kelli Craft Studio

I am pleased to present this week’s shop of the week:KelliCraftStudio which is owned and operated by Kellisa Watkins.
Kelli creates handcrafted jewelry, accessories, and stationary. The items created at Kelli Craft Studio are for the busy Every-woman from 16 to 99+ who wants to adorn herself with one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry and want to send their personal correspondence in a more intimate way.
While some jewelry artist design big statement jewelry or more modest yet expensive jewelry, Kelli Craft Studio provides classic, dainty jewelry styles at a reasonable cost. During this time of an unstable economy, it is nice to be able to look expensive without making the expense. Also, the lovingly handcrafted greeting cards are not only made on quality card stock, but the precision and attention to detail is used to create miniature art pieces a recipient would keep for years to come.
You may be surprised to know that she started her first creative business when she was in junior high school. It was called Kelly's Korner. She sold crochet clothes, dolls, and gift baskets.
When asked who the most influential person in teaching her craft she answered, “I have had classes and knowledgeable instructors who have given me the proverbial keys to my creative “car”, but experience and a drive to improve my skills have kept me going. My family and friends have influenced me to feed the flame of my creative spirit and for that I am grateful.”
Her favorite artist is Salvador Dali. “His surrealistic work is strange with a hint of understated beauty. If you look at one of his paintings, your eyes can go past the initial image to beyond. I love imagery.”
We also asked Kelli if she had a million dollars and she HAD to give every penny of it away, who would she give it to and why? She said, “I would give away every penny to my children and my family. My family has provided me with a beautiful future and I want to give back. My children are the future and I want to pay it forward.”
Finally, since this is the EtsyTwitter Team, we have to ask something about Twitter… We asked if she had any advice to give to a new Twitter user and she said, “Don't feel compelled to follow everyone who follows you. Pretend like Twitter is a dinner party where you invite the people you don't mind conversing with. In turn, you need to also be that interesting dinner guest to your followers and share yourself.”
She is having a special 20% OFF this week. Just use discount code SOTW20.

Article written by Abby Chase of AbbyChaseDesigns

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