Friday, November 9, 2007

"The Handbook to Handmade"

I just found the COOLEST thing!

"the handbook to handmade"

Here is a little of what it's all about.
I took the liberty of copying some of the information straight from the creators blog.

"the handbook to handmade is a monthly volume of 35-75 artists and their shops...this makes a great coffee table book.

what will the artist receive?

with the $40 each artist will receive a page in the book. three images from each artist will be placed on their page, along with the artists store url and a short description of their shop. see picture of the sample artist page below.

12 artists will also be selected to appear on the front cover.

what else will each artist receive?

all artists will also receive the book...
*once the issue is complete, the handbook will also be for sale for other artists to purchase*."

How incredibly COOL is THAT??!!!!!
Everyone should definitely check this out!
Anyone that makes hand made items should take the opportunity to be in this amazing book!
I know I am!!!

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