Monday, November 12, 2007

Cherry Messenger
"A must for any urban woman or metrosexual. This great bag can be taken to work, do diaper duty, transport your laptop
to the neighborhood cafe, or help you study for your next final."
There are the CUTEST baby booties in her shop too!!!!

Floral Birthday Cards
I wish I could have pictures of all of the FANTASTIC paper products she has in her shop! Such attention to detail! Really stand alone
Garland Choker OOAK
"Made entirely of leather, with nickel rivets and a stunning sterling silver heart toggle clasp, this necklace is sumptuous, generous and rather amorous."
Truly one of the most TALENTED ARTISTS EVER!!!! I could almost cry...well, I don't want to freak her out but seriously, I am completely in awe when I see the detail and subtle nuances to EVERY piece. ABSOLUTE GORGEOUSNESS!!!

Mustang Art Print
One of MY FAVORITE artists!!! Her work is so joyful, colorful and simply makes me HAPPY when ever I look at it. These will make wonderful little gifts and GREAT to hang on anyone's walls...especially your little one's!!! You really should take a PEEK into her shop!
Fantastic little treasures these coin purses are! Stylishly COOL and very well made. How about whipping this one out to grab your change from?!
Breakfast Set of two
As soon as I saw the detailed work on her pieces I just knew I wanted these! Delicate and LOVELY. You MUST take a look in her shop at all her delightful pieces. Talk about GREAT gifts! ...My sister would LOVE these! hmmm.....

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