Thursday, June 4, 2009


I took a little time this afternoon to work in my garden.
No one has really lived in this house for a few years on a regular basis so the front and back yards have been terribly neglected.
I planted some vegetables in the small space that was left unpaved in the back but I have now realized there is little sun hitting it due to the over grown fruit trees looming over it.
I hope something grows...My Uncle brought me 2 tomato plants that have been growing on the outer rim but no buds or flowers yet.
I have been slowly but surely tending to the lemon and mini mandarin orange tree.
I think by next year these will be full of juicy fruit. The lemons are plenty but since it hasn't been pruned the branches are too full and the fruit too crammed so they aren't that great.
I've pretty much lived in apartments all these years so having a yard to take care of is new to me.
I have such ideas and little skill or money.
I REALLY wanted a simple Japanese garden but apparently that is like years in the making to create one...and it so far seems to be REALLY expensive as far as plants, rocks, et cetera.
I think the fact that I genuinely have no idea what I am doing as far as the whole landscaping and gardening thing plus having very little money to spend on this makes it all the more challenging.
When I have something to show I promise to take a few pictures.

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