Thursday, June 18, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team Member: Punky Jane Jewelry

Welcome to Punky Jane Jewelry.
She specializes in hand stamped, sterling and fine silver jewelry. I love that she not only has ready to wear designs stocked in her shop but is open to creating custom personalized items for you.
Here is a little more about the designer:

"I am a stay-at-home mom with a wonderfully supportive husband and two beautiful, inspirational daughters. I started making hand-stamped jewelry not only so I could be at home for my girls, but also to combine my love of silver AND typography...the perfect match"

No kidding! Typography is a PERFECT skill to enhance her creative designs. I marvel at all the clean lines and perfect edges in her work...well, they look pretty darn perfect to me.
Seriously, I admire her welcoming aesthetics in designs that anyone can wear!
There are SO MANY that I had a hard time picking out a few for you to check out... so, you'll just have to go to her shop and see all the rest!
heh heh
I have a fur ball and so I was drawn to this piece:
Kitty Flower

I also thought in this challenging economy this is perfect:

As I have recently started doing Yoga for health and stress reduction I think this is an excellent piece to wear to always find time to relax and breathe.

After the last two more poignant pieces I just had to share this one. I mean, who wouldn't feel sexy in this one?!
The last several years I felt more like a falling star but I am now getting my health back and I imagine could be feeling mighty pretty showing this off around town.
Rock Star

So many cool pieces! So many awesome designs that would make perfect gifts!!!
Definitely check out her shop!

**Photos courtesy of Punky Jane Jewelry

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