Monday, June 15, 2009

EMMY~ Shoe Love

You have to understand, unlike many of my friends, I am not really THAT crazy about shoes. Sure, if I had a ton of expendable money i'd invest in a number of pairs I'm sure...but I don't have like 60-80 pair or more like many women I know!
So, I came across this site Emmy.

"The collaboration of Emmy and Jenny Packham represents the natural synergy between the two designers, renowned for their glamourous vintage-inspired style and unique approach to embellishment.
The collection makes a thoroughly feminine statement, with sexy, elegant shapes and the most luxurious finishes"

Ooooh, I just about piddled. (not really)
I LOVED the fact that you can CUSTOMIZE a pair of shoes! You can also purchase ready to wear. They have them broken down into round toe, pointed toe, peep toe and sandal.

Here are a few of my favorites!




They have a TON of AMAZING well deserved press.
BRIDES looking for Gorgeous and high quality stylish shoes need to check this site out!
I am still drooling!!!!

*All photos courtesy of Emmy designs

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