Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where did the time go!

Been absent for several days I know.
My health has been effecting me and I fell off the vegan/no processed food, no sugar, no butter, no salt, no wheat, no nuts...wagon with the holidays!
Ugh...I should have known better. I haven't been back just yet and I can feel how I actually "don't feel that great" not not eating. Heh, I felt like i was starving with all the NO's to that elimination foods session trying to figure out what I'm eating that I've been so allergic to. Even after a month I was still cheating with a few raw almonds or a piece of toast now and then...I gotta get back on the NO foods wagon.
I'll feel better if not just HUNGRY all the time again!
There must be a TON of foods that I am eating that I don't realize I'm allergic to...meaning veggies and beans. I stopped eating beans but I now think there are a lot of veggies I'm reacting to.
Eating organic is EXPENSIVE!
Mama's gotta sell some flowers so I can still juice my organic carrot and apple juice all day long!
I've been throwing a kale leaf in for more power but it isn't my favorite taste...I used 2.5 pieces before but it was really "I have to get used to this taste" kinda thing so, I'll just do 1 leaf.
Hey, 6 times a day isn't bad.
Started all this in November and fell off this month in the beginning so I'll be back this week.
I just crave the salt I think the most.
Although, this "week" if you know what I mean, I was craving chocolate and sushi!
...yeah, I ate Organic free trade dark chocolate and some eel on a bed of rice.
Geeze, it was everything I hoped for and more...

Well, I'm back and I hope everyone had a wonderful New year and boy do I have fun stuff to share coming up!!!

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