Thursday, January 21, 2010

Still in the Mood...

Still in the Mood for Valentine's Day Goodies!
Look at these?!!!
They are just darn CUTE!
Momiji or Kokeshi Doll Flat Cards - Set of 6

I love the light and airy lace texture of this design. Super feminine and perfect for a colorful accent around your neck.
Flamingo Crocheted Lace Skinny Scarf, ten feet long

I'm never disappointed with this designer! How sumptuous and classic is this necklace?!
Valentines day Fire opal red Faceted Cubic Zirconia Heart

More Handmade Love! Really!
Roses Are Red handmade Valentine's Day cardt

I'm sure I will find MORE to share!
Check back soon!

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sassypackrat said...

Thanks so much for showing my cards on your lovely blog! I really appreciate it!

South Paw Studios said...

So cool! love the write up!