Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sharing another Custom Design.

I wanted to preface this post by saying this was almost starting to turn into a nightmare.
Now, with this said, let me explain.
When I first started talking to my client she was interested in basically finding a vintage brooch and adding asymmetrical organic jeweled branches like on a few of my other pieces she liked. The thing was, we initially wanted to match the blue in the Bridal color palette which looked more of a Swarovski crystal Montana blue. For those that do not know what color it is it's like a smokey, soft, murky, blue/black. Basically, a dark muted midnight bluish color. Well, 90% of all the gorgeous vintage items I found...(looking for almost 2 months) were always bright sapphire, light sapphire, aquamarine and cobalt. The last thing I wanted is to use any of these and have it look too "teal" or "blue blue" for the bridal colors. I was getting stressed out because I just couldn't find anything to meet the color scheme and stay within budget. Anyone that has enjoyed vintage items knows they can get VERY Pricey for nice items! We had been touching base all this time and I always felt so bad not having found anything! So, finally we talked and I explained how much trouble I was having finding what we wanted and suggested the option to use a clear rhinestone center piece and still accent the branches with the Montana. She loved the idea and I got started!
Here is the final design.
I have to say I am in LOVE with it.
As a designer, sometimes something I create after a long haul and determination I can't help but to feel extremely satisfied with the final piece.
I think it came out very glamorous and still has a vintage inspired vibe.

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