Sunday, January 10, 2010

One Year SALE at Joslin Jewels

My friend over at Joslin Jewels is celebrating her one year Etsyversary!
She is such an AMAZINGLY talented wire working whiz! I just drool over the designs and craftsmanship. Truly jewelry you will adore for years and years. Unique designs that will definitely be conversation pieces!
I HIGHLY recommend you take a look as EVERYTHING including new items she adds through the 17th are ALL 20% OFF! Who knows when the entire shop will be that great of a deal again?!!!

Here are a few of my favorites!

WOW! Anyone say "GORGEOUS?!"
Labradorite, Wire Wrapped Fine and Sterling Silver

Enigma earrings

I LOVE Orange!!! Oh My Gosh! I WANT!!!!! ....let me add some more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!
Orange Crush Earrings - Tangerine Carnelian, Sterling Silver

Definitely click over and take a LOOK!
She is an amazing artist and SO friendly. I'm sure she could even create a custom design for you too!

*photos courtesy of Joslin Jewels

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Anonymous said...

Oh my! Thank you. I'm extremely flattered to say the very least. It was so kind of you to feature me!


Betty Refour said...

pretty! congrats