Monday, December 31, 2007

Palm Springs Event

Well, I spent the weekend in Palm Springs...
There was a West Coast Swing Competition and My Aunt Susan invited me to tag along and showcase my Floral pieces at her table. She thought that there was suppose to be a huge Salsa Convention there as well and they would LOVE my flowers!
Unfortunately, the Salsa convention was canceled.
To the dismay of all the vendors we ALL took a HUGE HIT because of that.
I met a wonderfully nice gentleman named Chuck Molter that was there all the way from Arizona. Poor guy drove 5 hours, took 7 hours to unload and set up by himself...And I'm SURE spent a good chunk of change to simply stand around and chat with ME! He said out of the 10 years he has been doing this event it was the WORST ever! Thank Goodness he has a fantastic on line business! He runs like 5 sites! REALLY COOL STUFF! Here is the link to one of his sites! TOTALLY Check it out! "USA DANCE SHOP" at (there's a link on the right of my page)
I definitely recommend everyone to check them out. He sells a lot of retro 1950's stuff. Saddle shoes, Poodle skirts, Bowling shirts, Leather Jackets, Vintage Metal signs and all sorts of 1950's Accessories. REALLY FUN!!! Totally cool guy! Plus, from the looks of some of the designs that he showed me of silhouette dancers he made in to totally COOL stickers...he's a kick ass Lindy Swing dancer!!!
If ANYONE likes that era YOU MUST check out his shop!!!

Ah, but back to my the end, I'd say I was LUCKY making a whopping $10.00 out of the entire ordeal~!

Well, the BEST part is that I met a couple REALLY COOL people and sold 3 flowers!

It was a learning experience.

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