Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alice Pleasance Jewelry

Alice Pleasance Bakery is my new FAVORITE place and I won't put on a single pound from her delicious treats!
If you are not familiar with this talented lady across the sea somewhere in Italy, then you MUST be introduced.

"My name's Anna, I'm 27 and I'm from Italy. I love childhood and fairy tales...they're my first inspiration and they're always in my mind when I design and make my funny and original jewelry. I love little toys, lucite and glass candy beads, briolettes and sparkling details and everything tiny, yummy, kitsch and cute. Miniature food is my obsession, as you could see!"
(from her profile)

I have seen many of this type of product (I'm Japanese and we're obsessed with miniature foods and things) however, Anna's pieces are truly extraordinary. Her attention to detail shows in her designs. My mouth waters seeing her little treats! I am amazed that they REALLY are NOT the real thing when I look at the photos of her work! They hold something special that can't be written and I think you will agree when you see them. They really are a stand out from the others! No mere slices...YOU get THE WHOLE CAKE!
Cakes, cookies, SUSHI, tarts and other fun items will be found in her shop!
Thank goodness for Etsy and my accidentally finding her!
I HAD TO SHARE her with the rest of you!
...*thinking*..."it's lunch time and I am craving sushi..."

PLEASE take a moment to visit her shop:

She also had a very fun Blog: The Cup Cake Diary
Both can be found at the right of my page in my recommendations.

*All photos are borrowed from Alice Pleasance Shop*

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