Wednesday, December 12, 2007


For the last 3 days ALL I have done is make jewelry, take pictures, fix pictures and post pictures!
I'm tired!
I was on a inspirational roll!
Have to take advantage of that when I have the time!!!!
This evening I have been playing catch up.
Internet business is SUCH A CHALLENGE! I mean, I don't have the big bucks to do the monster $$$ Addwords and internet keyword search stuff. That literally goes into thousands of dollars! Being that I hardly have that...going to do it the ground roots kinda way. One by one. Little by little. I figure, every place I touch is one more possibility that some one new will see my work.
...and Everyone that is in the same place as me knows, it's a heck of a lot of work!!!
So KUDOS to all of you Independant artisans out there!

*as I stand up with my right fist raised*
Don't give up!

...ok, not really, but that was great for dramatic effect huh?

Here's a few pictures of some of my new pieces.

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