Tuesday, December 4, 2007

DIY Light Box

Well, let's just say the results were NOT what I expected! I used a large shipping box and cut out the sides and top like in the DIY Light box posts I have seen on line. (I wanted it a little bigger for Busts and larger objects.) Used tracing paper over the openings to filter the light. THis was EASY and looked like the photos on line...close enough any way.
$37.44 later...( I purchased lights and the fixtures from OSH)

Thank GOODNESS there were A TON of people that gave me GREAT information in the Etsy forums...let me thank "mambetsy" she was awesome!
I am thinking it comes down to the lighting that I am using!
They all told me about the "white balancing" thing, which I can only change in manual. My Nikon D40 does it auto in Macro which is what I learned I need to be in when I shoot jewelry...so, I'm a bit confused. Meaning, I can't change it in Macro so, it's still dark and off color.
Thanks again to "mamabetsy" she hooked me up with this awesome bookmark...I gotta find it and I will post it!
Now, if I can just make it work WITH this information!
I ordered 2 Trumpet Top bulbs..yes, I spent MORE money...But I figure I NEED to figure this out. I can't always work my life around the sun and when I can take pictures!
I have come to the conclusion that my lighting is off and this is why my color in my photos is off.
Uh, yeah, that's it.
I currently have 3 lights.
I purchased 2 reflector dome shaped ones at OSH and I am using my drafting lamp. I am thinking as long as the bulbs are correct that should be fine.

(If anyone knows better PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE ME A comment/POST ON ANYTHING to help me take better pictures!) :P

I am wondering if I need 2 more lights? I am still getting shadows, so I was thinking to put 2 on the sides, one on top and 2 in the front on each side?

All I know as of right now, my pictures look decent on the taupe/gray background I have already been using but that kinda defeats the purpose to me...LOL...I want a white "white" background. Plus, the colors are still a bit distorted.
This afternoon I took a few photos in the light box using the natural sun coming in my windows...I'll have to see how these came out.

I will be writing more on my light box experience.

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